Ichiro (Paul) Mori

Paul Mori is co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU) established in 1997. Mr. Mori brings over 35 years of international pharmaceutical business experience. While at TPU, he has established partnerships with major and mid-sized Pharmaceutical companies — among them Becton Dickinson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Grunenthal and Mundi Pharma etc. Prior to joining TPU, Mr. Mori worked for Alpha Therapeutic Corporation in Los Angeles, California as Associate Director of International Regulatory Affairs. While at Alpha he was involved in various product registrations of pharmaceutical/biological products in over 20 countries. Prior to Alpha Therapeutics Corporation, Mr. Mori held was an international operations manager for Green Cross Corporation (now Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma) in Osaka, Japan. There, he was involved in Fluosol and Soyacal NDA approvals. Mr. Mori also serves as Chairman/Vice Chairman for JPMA-WEST (Japanese pharmaceutical industry association, US West coast region, voluntary organization). Mr. Mori received his bachelor’s degree from Kobe University in 1981.

Jutaro Shudo, PhD

Jutaro Shudo joined Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU) in 2000. Dr. Shudo currently serves as Senior Vice President of Project Management & Planning / Scientific Affairs. Before joining TPU, Dr. Shudo worked at Teikoku Seiyaku Co., LTD as a topical and transdermal formulation scientist for the drug and cosmetic division. Dr. Shudo has been instrumental in the development of our chemotherapy drug and also headed the development of our Alzheimer drug in collaboration with Eisai. In his 30 year career, he has contributed to not only R&D, but Regulatory, Pre-clinical and Clinical efforts as well. His expertise also includes scale-up manufacturing. Dr. Shudo received a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science from Chiba University in Japan 

Francisco Bejar

Francisco Bejar joined Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU) in 1999 and currently serves as Vice President of Licensing and Strategic Alliances where he is tasked with leading the corporate strategy, as well as executing in- and-out licensing transactions. During this time Mr. Bejar has held a variety of positions with increasing responsibilities most recently as Sr. Director of Business Development where he has been responsible for a number of significant partnerships including leading M&A transactions. Prior to TPU, Mr. Bejar worked for Cell Genesys Biotech and Oread Pharmaceuticals gaining significant drug development experience and contributing to the growth of the companies. He has more than 21 years of experience as a successful executive in the pharmaceutical and biotech field. Mr. Bejar received a bachelor’s degree in Biophysics from La Sierra University in Riverside, CA.

Hiro Sakamoto

In his role, Hiro Sakamoto oversees business operations at Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU) including business development, commercial operations, and supply chain. Prior to joining TPU, Mr. Sakamoto worked for ITX International Holdings Inc. an Olympus group company, with extensive experience in cross-border business development and venture capital/ private equity investment in both Healthcare and Technology industries. Mr. Sakamoto received his Master of Business Administration from San Francisco State University.

James Song, MBA, MS

James Song joined Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU) in 2008 and currently serves as Vice President Clinical, Regulatory and Project Management. Mr. Song brings over 30 years of clinical development experience with primary focus on anti-cancer, central nervous system, and transdermal delivery systems. During his time at TPU, Mr. Song has demonstrated strong leadership in the overall aspects of clinical development and has held various positions of increased responsibilities, most recently as Sr. Director of Biometrics and Clinical Affairs. Mr. Song was instrumental in the clinical development of a product for Alzheimer’s disease, working in collaboration with Eisai. Prior to joining TPU, Mr. Song worked for Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Matrix Pharmaceuticals, Alza Corporation (a Johnson & Johnson company) and Elan Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Song received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma City University and a Master of Science from Georgia State University.

Jack Wen, PhD

Jack Wen joined Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU) in 2007 and currently serves as Vice President of CMC/Quality/Non-Clinical. During his time at TPU, Dr. Wen has held a variety of positions with responsibilities ranging from new product development to commercial contract manufacturing. Prior to his time at TPU, Dr. Wen worked for Alza Corporation with extensive experience in drug delivery technology, particularly transdermal drug delivery. He has authored many papers, book chapters, and patents. Dr. Wen received his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati.

Mitsuhiro Matsumura

Mitsuhiro Matsumara joined Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU) in 2023 and currently serves as the Sr. VP Corporate Development & Planning, and CFO. Prior to joining TPU, Mr. Matsumura served as the Executive Officer of General Affairs, HR, Legal & Public Relations and IT for Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd. (TSC) in Japan. More than 25 years, Mr. Matsumura worked as a head of legal section at TSC and he handled the agreements with business partners, litigations, M&A and the others. In addition, he is an expert of HR management system and he implemented new goal management system to TSC. Mr. Matsumura received his bachelor’s degree in law from Kagawa University, Japan.

Seiichiro Yoshimine

Seiichiro Yoshimine joined Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU) in 2023 and currently serves as Vice President of Finance and Corporate Development & Planning. Prior to joining TPU, Mr. Yoshimine worked at Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd. for 16 years, mainly for International Business Department. Mr. Yoshimine contributed to expand global sales of Teikoku products leading all of the oversea business, including logistics, business transactions and in & out licensing activities. Mr. Yoshimine received his bachelor’s degree in foreign studies from Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, Japan.

Morag White, PHR, SHRM-CP
Vice President, Administration

Morag started with Teikoku Pharma USA, Inc., in 2006 as an HR Director and in 2022 was promoted to Vice President, Administration where she oversees TPU Corporate Administration, Human Resources, TPU Facility, Environmental Health & Safety, and Information Technology. Morag began her career in 1973, as a Law Clerk with CMB&D, Solicitors in the Supreme Court of Scotland, where she received her formal legal education. Morag traveled extensively, gaining work experience in various parts of the world such as Okinawa, Hawaii and California, dealing with a myriad of complex matters including M&A, P&P, Employment Law, all while continuing her education in Law, HR and IT, at the University of Hawaii and SJSU. Prior to joining TPU, Morag has worked in her field of expertise for companies such as First Medical, a Division of Sigma Aldridge, Tecan Systems, a Swiss company and KLA/TENCOR.


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