Lidoderm® (Lidocaine 5% patch)

lidoderm patch logoLaunched in 1999, Lidoderm was the first prescription, topical, hydrogel patch approved in the United States for post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Lidoderm provides analgesia (without anesthesia) directly to the affected nerves.

Important Safety Information

  • You should not use this product if you are sensitive to local anesthetics such as lidocaine, or to any of the other ingredients in LIDODERM.
  • Even a used  LIDODERM patch contains a large amount of lidocaine. A small child or a pet could suffer serious adverse effects from chewing or swallowing a new or used LIDODERM patch. Store and dispose of patches out of the reach of children, pets, and others. Never reuse a patch.
  • LIDODERM patches should be worn for no more than 12 hours a day. Applying the patches for a longer time or using more than 3 patches could cause serious reactions.

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