Superior Drug Delivery Technologies that Solve Unmet Needs

We are experts in the field of transdermal delivery technology. We use our Hydrohesive® and Matrix patch technologies for delivering new and existing medications to help reduce side effects and/or by extending the half-life of a molecule.

Advantages of Transdermal Drug Delivery

  • Reduce GI side effects: Drug reaches the systemic circulation whilst avoiding first-pass hepatic metabolism.
  • Provides smooth plasma concentrations of a drug with less fluctuations, for a long period.
  • Drug administration through skin avoids the pH variations seen with gastrointestinal transit.
  • Drug intake can be stopped at any point by simply removing the transdermal patch.
  • Transdermal patches are noninvasive, avoiding the inconvenience of parenteral therapy.
  • The simplified medication regimen leads to improved patient compliance and reduced side effects as well as inter and intra-patient variability.
  • Can be route of drug administration of choice in patients who are nauseated or unconscious.
  • Equivalent therapeutic effect can be elicited with less amount of dose if given as a transdermal patch as compared to dose of same drug if given orally.


Uncovering What’s Possible

As a global pharmaceutical company with deep expertise in dosage form development plus comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, we create both the formulations and the delivery mechanisms that bring first and best in class therapies to life.


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