March 28, 2023

Change in The Board of Directors

Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kagawa, Japan; President and CEO: Misako Fujioka) has announced the following changes in its Executive Directors at its Board of Directors Meeting after the General Meeting of Shareholders held on March 28, 2023.

1.New Senior Managing Director and Managing Directors
Senior Managing Director: Akira Nakagawa
Managing Director: Masahiro Ono
Managing Director: Takahiro Ueda

2. New Board Members
Executive Director: Hiroshi Aoki
Executive Director: Takatoshi Akazawa
Auditor: Takeshi Tanaka

3.Notice of Retirements
Chairman: Shinji Sano (to be appointed as Executive Corporate Advisor)
Senior Managing Director: Tomomi Tada (to be appointed as Senior Advisor)
Executive Director: Takeshi Tanaka (to be appointed as Auditor)
Auditor: Yutaka Saito (to be appointed as Advisor)

The Board of Directors and Auditor are as follows (Effective March 28, 2023)

Directors & AuditorPosition
Shozo AkazawaOwner
Misako FujiokaPresident & CEO
Akira NakagawaSenior Managing DirectorInternational Business
Masahiro OnoManaging DirectorR&D
Takahiro UedaManaging DirectorSales & Marketing
Yoshihiko AkazawaExecutive Director
Atsushi FujiokaExecutive Director
Tatsuya KonishiExecutive DirectorProduction,Health & Beauty Care Product Development,Safety Management,QA/RA/QC and Purchasing
Hiroshi AokiExecutive DirectorClinical Development and Regulatory Strategy & Intelligence
Takatoshi AkazawaExecutive DirectorGeneral Affairs,Finance & Accounting and Legal & Public Relations
Takeshi TanakaAuditor