July 3, 2020

TEIKOKU SEIYAKU was selected as A Global Niche Top Company by METI in FY2020.

Teikoku Seiyaku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kagawa, Japan (President and CEO: Misako Fujioka) was selected as one of the ‘Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 in FY 2020’ by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) on June 30th, 2020.

METI designated the companies that strive to capture global markets, secure high market share in niche sectors, and carry out healthy management, and approve and recognize such companies as ‘Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100.’ It’s founded in 2013, and 113 companies that are succeeding in the niche sectors under the current worldwide severe economic environment and have absolutely essential business among the global supply chain have been selected in this second selection.

Teikoku Seiyaku was selected because our prescription gel patch using Hydrohesive® technology keeps a high level of global competitiveness and 30% of the global market share as the top worldwide producer of them. Our production capacity boasts number one worldwide. Those facts are highly recognized and we are selected as the ‘Global Niche Top Company.’

Throughout our many years of experience and expertise in the field of anti-inflammatory and analgesic plasters, we’re a pioneer in transdermal (through the skin) absorption technology, which is an offshoot of our specialty in anti-inflammatory analgesic plasters. Following the selection of the ‘Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100 in FY 2020’ this time, we will continue our research and development activity to increase people’s quality of life by using our unique technology.

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