We have a dedicated pharmaceutical drug research and development team, including formulation experts, analytical chemists, and clinical and regulatory specialists who are leaders in both science and development of pharmaceutical products.

We have a rich history of R&D achievements and a vast intellectual property portfolio, including our blockbuster drug, Lidoderm — a drug that has generated more than $1 billion in annual sales on the market.

We continue to focus on Central Nervous System (CNS) disorder, pain management and oncology and at times opportunities outside our core therapeutics area.

Product Name & IndicationPre-ClinicalPhase IPhase IIPhase IIIMarket

Lidoderm (Lidocaine 5% Patch)

PHN (Post Herpetic Neuralgia)

Docetaxel (Alcohol-free Injection)

Solid Tumors

3-Day Dexmedetomidine Patch (TPU-006 )

Pain Management

7-Day Rasagiline Patch (TPU-002)

Parkinson’s Disease



7-Day Rivastigmine (patch)

Alzheimer’s Disease


Multiple Sclerosis