About Teikoku Pharma USA

Company Overview

Teikoku Pharma USA (TPU), a subsidiary of Teikoku Seiyaku, Japan, is an international specialty pharmaceutical company founded in 1997 in California.  Teikoku Pharma USA develops innovative products in the CNS, Pain Management and Oncology based on its drug delivery platforms.

Our strategy is to be opportunistic in our development programs. Pursuing clinical development of our product candidates, both independently and in collaborations which allows us to enhance the capital resources needed to strengthen our core technologies and expand our product pipeline.

For more than 165 years, our parent company Teikoku Seiyaku Inc., has pursued a vision of developing pharmaceutical products to address unmet needs. A world leader in the research, development, manufacture and commercialization of pharmaceutical drugs.


R & D, Clinical, Regulatory and Manufacturing

At Teikoku Pharma, our capabilities are broad. With a deep expertise in dosage form development and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, we create both the formulations and the delivery mechanisms that bring innovative ideas to life.

teikoku functions infographic


January 7, 1848

Shozo Akazawa, the 5th head of the family, obtained a certificate granting him permission from the governments to deal in medicines, and starts business.


December 28, 1918

Teikoku Seiyaku was established with capital of 1 million yen in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.


January 7, 1938

Horxis, a prototype of the current medicated plaster, launched in Japan.


December 24, 1957
Fuso Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

Osaka Plant spun off, and with it, “Fuso Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.”


January 7, 1974

Teikoku Seiyaku’s medicated plasters approved for prescription use, becoming the company’s main product line.


January 7, 1975

First stage of new production plant for plasters completed. Final stage of construction completed in 1978.


January 7, 1985
Teikoku Kampo Seiyaku Co. Ltd

Teikoku Kampo Seiyaku Co. Ltd, Teikoku’s subsidiary company that specializes in herbal medicine, was established.


January 7, 1988

Catlep, Japan’s first transdermal indomethacin plaster for prescription use, approved and production begins.


January 7, 1993

Seltouch, a transdermal felbinac plaster for prescription use, approved and production begins.


January 7, 1995
Teikoku Pharmacare, Co. Ltd.

Non-prescription drug division (OTC) spun off as an independent company, Teikoku Pharmacare, Co. Ltd.


January 7, 1997

Teikoku Pharma USA was established.


January 7, 1999

FDA approval for Lidoderm in the US.


January 7, 2003

Fuso Teiyaku was established in Qingdao, China.


January 7, 2007

MHRA approval for Versatis in UK. FDA approval for Flector in the US.


January 1, 2009

TPU acquired Travanti Pharma.


January 1, 2015

FDA approval for Docetaxel Non-Alcohol Formula in the US.